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    shelf pipe

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    Dn40 shelf pipe section shape: round weight per meter 3.84kg thickness 3.5mm Nominal diameter: 40mm wall thickness: 2.5/2.75/3.0/3.25/3.5(mm) Material: hot rolled steel, low carbon structural steel or low alloy structural steel.The main production bases of DN40 shelf pipe are: Liaocheng Haitian Steel pipe Factory, Tangshan, Tianjin...Dn40 shelf pipes are usually packed in a bundle of 91 sticks, with a length of 6 meters if no special requirement is required.

    Dn40 Precautions for the use of shelf pipes: Regularly remove the accumulated sundry materials, masonry, concrete blocks and other debris in the dangerous parts of shelf pipes;And the material piled up on the shelf pipe must have a certain limit, can not overload stacking;Observe whether there is deviation in the whole or local structure of the shelf pipe at any time, especially whether there is loose deviation in the connection of the shelf pipe. If there is any abnormal pattern, repair and reinforcement should be carried out in time.Check whether the net rope tied at the base of the mesh is loose and whether the bamboo basketry and bamboo basketry binding point have broken tendons and bars, if found broken, loose and other conditions, need to replace in time.

    Jinjiang Changjiang Steel pipe Industry Co., LTD. Is specialized in dn40 shelf pipe, Fujian seamless pipe, Fujian spiral pipe and shelf pipe production and sales, welcome to inquire: 86-0595-82151777